About Desert Life International Limited

Govt.Approved Recruiting Agent License No.RL-337

Desert Life International Ltd, RL: 0337 has established many years ago it has a modest office in the BAIRA of Dhaka. The Capital city of Bangladesh. It’s a member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Desert Life International Ltd,  got the registration with the Ministry of Labour, Manpower and secured the legal License to Export Manpower from Bangladesh for the selected Overseas Clientele. Desert Life International Ltd, was established in 2002, obtained approval, and was accredited to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET).

Though up-coming, the company is considered as one of the leading, most trusted and efficient Manpower Exporting house of the County. Its young dynamic setup is eager to serve the nation.

Recruiting, it properly organized itself with adequate infra-structural facilities to meet the requirements of both the employers and the job seekers.

Exporting of Manpower has become a competitive trade in International Market. My steady and firm planning for selection of appropriate employees for International requirements will be an immense support towards the potential employers. My organization is well-equipped with most modern know-how for the trade test of selected candidates. To supply desired Manpower, we are well disciplined for mobilization and selection shouldering the total responsibilities.

Tremendous human resources of Bangladesh are warmly embraced all over the World for their loyalty, honesty and diligence. Our skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Manpower including highly qualified professionals are always available to attain your Manpower demands in any field e.g. construction, Factory, Power Distribution, Telephone & Telegraph, Oil field & Refinery, Airport, Hospital & Government Office etc. The wages of our Manpower is considerably lowest but this Foreign Exchange significantly helps in our national development.

Who Choose Desert Life International Ltd?

  • A It handles the placement job most scientifically and systematically.
  • A Percentage of its satisfactory performance is very high.
  • A It gives human touch to the handling of human beings.
  • A It can face all challengers and overcome all difficulties.
  • A It has the Data Bank for exportable personnel.
  • A It ensures quality of recruited work force.
  • A It never fails in performing its duties.
  • A Its business is ever expanding.
  • A Its good will is ever increasing.
  • A It offers quickest and cleanest service.
  • A It considers good performance as investment.
  • A It is managed most professionally and skillfully.
  • A It is trustworthy and its past performance is praiseworthy.
  • A It is one of the largest manpower exporting houses of the country.
  • A It pooled most qualified and dynamic personnel to work for it.
  • A It has close Lesson with International Training & Testing Center.

Why Overseas Companies Choose Bangladeshi Workers?

Maximum Overseas Companies interested to import Manpower
from Bangladesh for the following reassume.
  • Bangladeshi Workers are very active.
  • They are able to do any hard work.
  • They are Dutiful, Sincere, obedient, Peaceful, Hospitable, Honest, Faithful, Methodical and Calculative.
  • They always try heart & soul to improve the Company.
  • They don't take part in any activity subversive of the State or of discipline.
  • A It never fails in performing its duties.